Security concerns for second homes – tips on reducing the chance of theft

Security tips to help prevent theft for all second/holiday homes:

  1. Keep doors and windows shut: According to the Office for National Statistics, offenders access a home through a door 70% of the time 30% of the time via a window. Make sure doors and windows are secure. Use an outside light that has motion sensors which gives the impression that someone is home.

  2. Fit an alarm: According to the Metropolitan Police, you’re less likely to become a victim of a break-in if you have a burglar alarm.

  3. Smart technology: Devices like this such as ‘Ring’ are exceptionally good at scaring off burglars, especially when they hear your voice as you speak to them from elsewhere, making the burglars think you are simply the other side of the door.

  4. Speak to your Neighbours: If possible, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on the property while you are away.

  5. Remove tools: Keep all tools stored away with lock and key. If not these can be used to break in to your home. 

  6. Keep gates shut: Open gates give burglars easy access to your home

  7. Pebble paths help prevent crime: Pebble paths are a deterrent as it makes an silent approach to your home almost impossible.

  8. Register possessions: Register your valuable possessions online for free on the Immobilise Property Register. The website helps police identify owners of lost and stolen goods.

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