Our clients enjoy market-leading coverage backed up by carefully selected insurers who provide the leading claims service. 

High value home insurance backed up with an exceptional level of cover and personal VIP service. At Ascend Executive we bring you the very best available in the insurance market. We provide the leading high net worth insurance solution delivered by a team of specialists that go that extra mile.

If you have a high-value home, contents or vehicles and a requirement for wealth, trust and business consultancy services, speak to the team at Ascend.

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If you have expensive pieces of jewellery or watches over £10,000 then they will need a separate policy to insure them. We can arrange this. Speak to us today to find out how we can help.

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Your supercar will need a specialist policy which regular insurers may not give. Speak to us today to find out how we can protect your vehicle to fit your life.

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We don’t just offer insurance. We provide the ultimate lifestyle solution.

For many people, an off-the-shelf policy or one you can buy online is not going to be sufficient to provide you, your family and prized possessions the specialist cover and service you require

Insurers face rising repair costs due to new car technology

While driver assistance features are improving safety on the roads, vehicles with advanced driver assistance features cost more to repair. The cost of repairing increasingly high-tech vehicles, including electric cars and vehicles with autonomous features, means the overall claims costs are trending upwards. Vehicle repair costs have grown by an average of 33% over the

High net worth investors are turning to drink as whisky values surge

Wealthy collectors are increasingly spending on rare whisky, while London’s ultra-high net worth stick to bricks and mortar. Whisky featured for the first time in the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index in 2019, with values surging by 40% year-on-year. The new luxury asset investment beat watches, art, classic cars and wine as the value of

Insurers move to include cyber in high net worth products

High net worth insurance packages are increasingly offering cyber insurance as an additional cover, as it becomes clear that wealthy individuals are frequent targets for cyber criminals. Yet many fail to see such attacks as a threat, despite the fact they can result in blackmail and extortion. More than one-quarter of international HNW families and